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Published on January 2nd, 2015 | by Tony


About Me – My Weight History

I moved to south east Spain, with my wife September 2011 at the age of 47. For at least 20 years I had been slowly putting on weight to such an extent I then weighed in at a very hefty 127kg (18 stone 7 pounds).   After taking a good look at some anniversary photos that were taken during a trip to Paris in July 2012 I finally realise what a big fat bastard I had become. Now over the last 10 years I had tried different diets, which in fairness to some degree did work for the short term but in the long term I always put the weight back on plus a little more. Now not only was I vastly overweight, I was a very heavy smoker. I’m ashamed to say at that time I smoked at least 60 cigarettes a day.

Inspired by Wiggo winning the tour de France I purchased a road bike. I must be honest and tell you just how hard I found cycling at first. I went on a short bike ride with my son, just 5k down the coast for a 10k round trip which just about killed me. I really struggled for the last few kilometres to make it home. My legs ached for 3 or 4 days which proved just what bad shape I was in. I started to ride 5k a day which left me completely shattered. Each week though I increased the distance so I was soon riding 20k, then 30k then 50k. Amazingly, without any dieting I was losing weight rapidly. After Christmas 2012 I had the crazy idea that I wanted to ride John ‘O Groats to Lands’ End (JOGLE ) after reading about a package that Deloite offered. Like a complete idiot I signed up and paid to take on the 9 day 960 mile challenge. Looking back I can’t believe how naive I was. At that time I had never even ridden up a decent hill as I was riding flat routes down the coast.

During March 2013 I started tacking hills which made me realise just how tough my challenge was going to be. I did though ride 4 or 5 times a week with the weight still virtually falling of me. In June 2013 when I started my JOGLE challenge I weighed in at just over 82kg (12 stone 12lbs) which was the lightest I had been for 20 years.

Even though JOGLE was a very tough challenge that pushed me to my limits I did complete it even though it completely drained me. I was still a smoker at the time although I only smoked a couple a day during the ride.

Now you would think that with my amazing weight loss plus the completion of the ride that is the end of my story. I’m afraid to say it is not.  Since I completed the ride my weight has yo-yoed, even though I ride most weeks at least 300km. I also finally managed to kick my smoking habit last May (2013) which also has had a negative effect on my weight. Below is a chart of my weight since JOGLE.

weight gain graph


As you can see I’m a typical Yo-Yo dieter! To be honest I’m very confused because I thought my current diet is pretty good plus I’m always on the bike, hence the reason why I’m switching to a wheat free diet this year. I know that by starving myself, going on a strict diet, I can lose the weight, but I can’t keep doing that for the long term. So I’m hoping “going” wheat and grain free, will help me lose weight that I do not put back on again. Time will tell though, so we will see in a year’s time.

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  1. Tamsin says:

    Cool site. Good luck!

    Sounds like you’re on the right track. I just went grain free too and it’s already sorted out my arthritis (I’m 35!), weight (was a bit chubs), and I don’t have the same terrible urge to run into baker’s and ask for one of everything.
    I really want to tell the people I love who are showing the signs too (diabetic Dad, mother-in-law, good friend with adrenal fatigue), scared they’ll not listen….slowly, slowly.

    Really, do keep it up and I can’t wait to see the ‘before and after’, maybe you could do one a month?


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