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Published on December 26th, 2014 | by Tony

Cycling The Calories Away?

Road Cycling will play a major role in my life this coming year. Last year I clocked up over 10,000Km, for the coming year my target is 15000Km. I know as I live in south east Spain I’m very lucky not only with the climate but the quality of the roads and the lack of traffic. I’m by far not the fastest of road cyclist, which is not surprising after being a heavy smoker for nearly 35 years.  I only actually took up road cycling during the summer of 2012 with 5k and 10k rides that left me completely shattered.  The body though is an amazing machine! Even for an overweight chain smoker such as myself, my body grew stronger so that after a good few months my 5k & 10K rides and become 50 & 60k rides. Up until March 2013 I rode only flat routes although from March onwards I felt strong enough to tackle some steep Spanish hills.

Amazingly or perhaps stupidly, I signed up to ride John ‘O Groats to Lands’ End with Deloite (  In retrospect, although I have challenged myself mentally throughout my life, I had never really pushed myself to a high degree physically. After 3 days riding in all honesty I was shattered but I wanted to compete the whole 970 miles so badly I pushed myself to the limit.  With great determination I did indeed completed the epic ride 9 day ride although it nearly did beat me. For the first time in my life though, I actually found out what is was like to push myself to the limit, no just once but day after day just to get to the end of each day’s ride.

Since completing the ride (June 2013) I have continued to ride at least 4 or 5 times a week.  During 2015 I plan to attempt an ultra-cycling event so this will keep me motivated to keep clocking up the miles.

Also of note I must say that during the first couple of years of taking up road cycling I lost weight rapidly. I used to weight around 18 and a half stones (118kg) but managed to drop down to 81kg by April 2014. Since then I have gained up to 10kg even though I ride more than ever. I know I can diet to get back to 81kg but with fuelling for long rides I find dieting extremely difficult hence the reason I’m willing to give up wheat and tweak my diet so I’m not counting calories.

I’m going to post details of my riding mileage each week so you get some understanding of my mileage and the calories I have burned.

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