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Published on February 9th, 2015 | by Tony


Weekly Weight Log

Well here goes! Today (Sat 3rd Jan 2015) I’m taking the plunge to go wheat free this year! Every Monday I will update this page with my current weight. My target weight is 80kg.

Starting Weight: 3rd Jan 2015  89.8kg

Monday 5th Jan 2015: 88,8kg

1kg loss in just a couple of days I’m sure was due to the fact that I was dehydrated from the previous day’s bike ride hence.

Monday 12th Jan 2015: 88.70

Looking back I think I’m eating far too many high calorie nuts.

Monday 19th Jan 2015: 87.70

1kg lost over the last week which is exactly on target. Not really missing bread at all and not going hungry. The coming week is going to be a major challenge as we are away for a few days.

Tuesday 27th Jan 2015: 87.60

A mere .1kg may look disappointing but in retrospect I’m very pleased. Last week we were in Valencia for a few days eating out each day plus if I’m honest I did have a beer or two. Normally after such a break I can gain a kilo or even two. Next week I have to fly back to England so I need to have a good week this week, hopefully getting under 87kg.

1st Feb 2015: 86.70

A new month so a perfect time for another weight in. Not a bad month at all as I’m down 3.1kg  (6.8lbs). If I can lose around the same next month then I will be very happy. Back to the UK on Wednesday for a few days so this week I will simply try to hang on to what I have lost so far.

10th Feb 2015: 86.90

Back from a 5 day break in the UK which included eating out twice plus a drinking night out with an old friend for a net gain of just .2kg. I did manage to buy some Ground Flaxseed so did not eat any bread although being honest I did have a small slice of garlic bread whilst eating out. All in all though happy to only have gained .2. Now back to basics!


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One Response to Weekly Weight Log

  1. Tamsin says:

    Cool site. Good luck!

    Sounds like you’re on the right track. I just went grain free too and it’s already sorted out my arthritis (I’m 35!), weight (was a bit chubs), and I don’t have the same terrible urge to run into baker’s and ask for one of everything.
    I really want to tell the people I love who are showing the signs too (diabetic Dad, mother-in-law, good friend with adrenal fatigue), scared they’ll not listen….slowly, slowly.

    Really, do keep it up and I can’t wait to see the ‘before and after’, maybe you could do one a month?


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